La Manual Alpargatera
La Manual Alpargatera
La Manual Alpargatera

We are stewards of the espadrille-making craft, and we are committed to keeping it alive by sharing our knowledge with others. Take a class with us and have expert insight into the work behind this traditional handmade footwear.

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A bit of fantasy on your feet

Learn how to customise your traditional espadrille. Choose a flat or wedge sole; select your favourite base colour (among ten) and combine it with our many shades of ribbons.

Duration of the experience: 90 min

The Masters

La Manual Alpargatera
Joan Carles
Joan is the “compass” leading the spirit of La Manual Alpargatera. Besides being the son of Juana Martínez (Mrs Emilia’s young assistant who inherited the business), his great grandfather was a master espadrille maker. He is also a photographer and plastic artist.
La Manual Alpargatera
Asilde is the soul and motor of La Manual. She started learning the craft in 2003 with La Manual’s original master espadrille makers and built her singular path from the ground up. Today, she runs our workshop and is the key for our brand to run smoothly.
La Manual Alpargatera
Jordi is our master espadrille maker, the receptacle of the artisan heritage and the reference for us in all related to the profession. He started when he was only 17 and has never stopped since. That’s over 40 years of experience in the field.

Barcelona is in our DNA; this city’s warm and singular character has shaped who we are, and we’d love for you to meet her through our eyes.

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