We are shipping espadrilles to almost all countries!

Not seeing your country? Feel free to reach out to us in case your country is not listed here and we will make it happen. (info@lamanual.com))

We have free shipping for all orders in Spain and free shipping outside Spain on orders of $150 euros and above . 

We take pride in what we do, and the same is for our packaging, which we tried to make plastic-free the most we could.

Most of our espadrilles take from 3 - 4 business days to ship from our warehouse. Make sure to read the descriptions as some of them will take longer as they are handmade. We ship an order once all espadrilles are ready to be shipped.

In order to estimate the arrival of your order, you will need to consider the time the espadrille takes to be shipped from our warehouse and the shipping service you have purchased.




Austria 5-6 days
Belgium 4-5 days
Bulgaria 7-9 days
Croatia 6-7 days
Czech Republic 5-6 days
Denmark 5-6 days
Estonia 9-10 days
Finland 9-10 days
France 5-6 days
Germany 5-6 days
Greece 7-9 days
Hungary 6-7 days
Ireland 7-9 days
Italy 9-10 days
Latvia 9-10 days
Lithuania 7-9 days
Luxembourg 4-5 days
Netherlands 4-5 days
Norway 9-10 days
Poland 5-6 days
Portugal 5-6 days
Romania 7-9 days
Slovakia 6-7 days
Slovenia 4-5 days
Spain 4-5 days
Sweden 9-10 days
Switzerland 5-6 days
United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) 9-10 days

Express Shipping


 Shipping prices will variate for Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands. Please contact support@lamanual.com and we will grant a special price.

2 business days

United States 3 business days
5-6 business days
5-6 business days
5-6 business days
Hong Kong
5-6 business days
Australia, New Zealand
5-6 business days



5-6 business days


5-6 business days